Arashi Nagase
Arashi Nagase
Character information
Name in Japanese 永瀬嵐
Romaji translation Nagase Arashi
Gender Male
Age 9
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Brown
Occupations Elementary school student
Family Risa Kanzaki (mother)

Takeshi Nagase (father)

Arashi Nagase is childhood friend of Miwako and Hiroyuki. He is son of Risa Kanzaki and Takeshi Nagase.

He is a character of next generation of Gokinjo Monogatari, whose story continued in Paradise Kiss.

Biography Edit

Risa was still very young (18 years old) when she gave birth to Arashi, so she sometimes jokingly calls him "little brother". He admires and copys his father a lot. He is fan of his father's band. Takeshi's band has become very popular recently, so his family is quite rich now and even moved into bigger house. But all money in their house is controlled by Risa, so even Takeshi has so little pocket money that it's pitiful.

On that Christmas when Arashi was in third grade, Takeshi bought him a guitar as a present.

Personality and traits Edit

Arashi is lively and hot tempered. He is trying to act "cool" and to look like his father, but he is still a kid, imaginative and honest, sensitive and straightforward.

Miwako said that she glad he didn't move too far away, because it would be very boring without him.

Physical appearances Edit

Arashi has spiked blonde hair and lots of piercing. The most distinctive his features are safety pin in his eyebrow and furry charm on chain attached to his belt, those are so similar to his father's. He wears punk style clothes (probably made by Risa) and lots of punk accesories.

Behind the scenes Edit

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Appearances Edit

Gokinjo Monogatari

Paradise Kiss

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