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Body-ko and Shintaro! !
Gokinjo Monogatari Episode 17.png
General information
Episode 17
Airdate January 14, 1996
Preceded by A Love Prayer! Happy New Year
Followed by Friendship? Or Romance?

"Body-ko and Shintaro! !" is the seventeenth episode in Gokinjo Monogatari.


Mikako has a nightmare about Tsutomu getting together with Mariko. She has strong prejudice that Mariko wants only to use kind-hearted Tsutomu. A bad dream makes her feel down about going to Mariko's place for Akindo's meeting after school, even her teacher is worried about her. At the last minute, Mariko calls off the meeting because her parents urgently called her back to Yokohama.

While at Yokohama, Mariko meets her younger brother Shintaro, who tells her he will be going to the same school as she and living with her. Mariko realizes that this is why her parents had called her. She goes back to Tokyo without talking to them, saying she is completely against living with Shintaro.

Yuusuke feels jealous and worried about the possibility of Mariko meeting Shuji in her hometown, so he goes to Yokohama and searches for Mariko's house. He can't find it, but on his way, he barely avoids to run over a boy, who carelessly walked on the road before Yuusuke's motorbike. The kid says he is willing to pay for the damage to Yuusuke's motorbike, but Yuusuke refuses to take his money. The boy insists to let him at least buy Yuusuke a meal to make up for the trouble. Seeing the kid's determination, Yuusuke agrees. They eat the best in Yokohama nikuman (steamed pork bun) while sitting on the bench and talking. Yuusuke learns that the kid has lived overseas due to his parents' work, but now he will be going to Yazagaku. Yuusuke is surprised to hear this and blurts that he is a student of Yazagaku himself. The boy asks Yuusuke if he's into any clubs and learns about Akindo, which raises his determination to move to Tokyo and attend Yazagaku.

Mariko calls everyone to her flat for the Akindo meeting on Sunday. Right before the meeting, Shintaro shows up at her doorstep. While they arguing, the rest of the Akindo members comes to the flat and meet Shintaro. Shintaro and Yuusuke recognize each other and Shintaro tells everyone about their encounter in Yokohama. Shintaro also says that Yuusuke told him about their flea market club. He asks them to become a member of Akindo club too. When they ask him what he can make, Shintaro shows them the haniwa dolls that he made. Mikako and P-chan think his dolls are cute and Yuusuke can't say no to Mariko's younger brother, thus Shintaro is accepted into their circle and Mariko has no choice but to let him stay.

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