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Delusions of the Duo
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General information
Episode 25
Airdate March 10, 1996
Preceded by All Grown Up
Followed by Fired Up at the Hot Springs!

"Delusions of the Duo" is the twenty fifth episode in Gokinjo Monogatari.


Ruriko's editor, Tomi calls her to check up on her work and reminds her that her deadline is soon. She lies to him saying that manuscript is halfway done and tells him to believe in her and not to worry. The truth is that she hasn't even started her workload because she is too distracted by Mikako's romantic relationship with Tsutomu. Ruriko keeps imagining different scenarios of Mikako's life after the wedding with Tsutomu, and in her mind's eye one is worse than another. She only winds herself up by thinking too much about it. Eventually, she decides that she is going to accept whatever is going to happen, but Tsutomu and Mikako must come to live in her house instead of Tsutomu's parents, because she is terrified to be left all alone in old age. She even buys a weird expensive present for Tsutomu's parents ― a sculpture of a crane and a turtle ― that somehow is supposed to persuade them to let the future newlyweds live with her. She weirds out Yamaguchi neighbours, Noriji and Tokumori, but they all assume that she behaves that way because deadline for her manga is soon.

In school, Tsutomu and Mikako tell those of their friends who still don't know that they are dating now. Tsutomu is worried a little about Yuusuke's situation with Marikosince Yuusuke looks seriously down, but Tsutomu and Mikako is love-struck couple now, they need to put efforts to not to lose control of their own lives, so they feel like they can't really do anything for Yuusuke. Tsutomu suggests Mikako skip afternoon classes and go on a date, but she refuses. Afternoon sewing class is the most important one for Mikako since she wants to become a pro.

During the sewing class, Mikako prepares to sew a shirt for Tsutomu. Risa and P-chan friendly tease her about it. P-chan says she would like to sew a shirt for someone too, but she can't find anyone who would fit her type of a dream boyfriend ― "someone who would look good in white tights". Her definition of the type bewilders Mikako and Risa, since it's a bit confusing description of a Prince Charming type. Mikako catches herself on the thought that these two friends are the first ones that she can completely open up to. Sewing teacher, Ms. Hamada asks the girls how is their flea market project is going and says she might show up too to see their stand.

After school, the rest of the group proceeds amiably to tease Mikako and Tsutomu about dating each other. Their friends seems adore them a lot.

Mikako worries about her mom's deadline, so instead of going on a date she goes to buy groceries with Tsutomu and heads back home to cook dinner for Ruriko.

When Mikako and Tsutomu finally come to Mikako's home, Tsutomu mentions work to Ruriko. The heavy realization, that she spent all day fantasizing about Mikako's future and overreacting, so she has nothing done yet and it's very late, finally struck Ruriko. She panics about her deadline and goes back to work. Tsutomu comments that it seems that Ruriko finally snapped this month, apparently meaning that this happens with her regularly. Even during her work Ruriko still is filled with determination that Tsutomu and Mikako after the wedding are going to live in her house.

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The date of the events in the episode is Friday, March 29th, 1996. Ruriko comes to her senses at 20:05 in the evening.

Ruriko's gift to Tsutomu's parents is the sculpture of a crane and a turtle. The combination is called "Tsuru-Kame" and is known as a good luck symbol. Because one couple of cranes love each other for a long time, and turtles live long they represent a healthy long life of happiness. So, many Japanese buy Tsuru-kame gifts for a happy event like a grandparents' day or wedding.

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