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Friendship? Or Romance?
Gokinjo Monogatari Episode 18.png
General information
Episode 18
Airdate January 21, 1996
Preceded by Body-ko and Shintaro! !
Followed by Revealed! Risa's Boyfriend!

"Friendship? Or Romance?" is the eighteenth episode in Gokinjo Monogatari.


Mikako is worried that Tsutomu will fight with Yuusuke for Mariko's heart.

All Akindo members meet up in Mariko's flat to work on their items for the Flea market. Mariko's role in the club is only to advertise the club, so she peacefully takes a nap while Yuusuke draws her. When her phone rings, she picks up and cheerfully agrees to go somewhere. When others ask her where is she going, she says she goes on a date. Tsutomu asks Shintaro if Mariko has got already a new boyfriend, he says that she hasn't, but guys call her every day. Her seemingly careless behaviour angers Yuusuke. He goes after her under the excuse to go to the mini-market. On their way from the building, Yuusuke asks her if she has got a new boyfriend right after getting burned. He crossly adds that it shows how serious she was about that guy, though he doesn't think it's anything wrong. To his astonishment, Mariko bursts into tears and confesses that she lied about having a date and only goes to karaoke with her girlfriends. She says she actually can't think about anyone but Shuji for now and though other guys have been calling to her, they all just pests. She asks him not to tell about that to others because she thinks that would make her look uncool, then leaves.

When Yuusuke comes back from a mini-market with bento boxes for everyone (except Jiro, who just came from work) he seems even angrier than before. He overhears how Shintaro answers a phone call from some guy to Mariko. Yuusuke grabs the phone and yells to the guy to never call again. Tsutomu tries to calm him down, worrying that Yuusuke's behaviour could be too rude. Yuusuke snaps at Tsutomu. He says that Tsutomu talks as if he really cares about Mariko, but at the same time Tsutomu is the one who dumped her. Tsutomu has nothing to say about that. He feels guilty about dumping Mariko, so he just leaves. Mikako goes after him. When Yuusuke gives a ride to Jiro, Jiro pesters him all the way, asking to make up with Tsutomu.

Mikako asks Tsutomu why he just left without saying anything back. Tsutomu tells her he thinks that Yuusuke was right on the spot. Mikako reassures him, saying that he is so carefree, bright and cheerful with everyone, that others sometimes might think he is somewhat shallow, but she knows him for 16 years and she is certain that he is nice, considerate and caring person. She bursts into tears and cries so hard that she startles him. Mikako confesses that she hates when anyone other than her puts him down. She asks him why he dumped Mariko. He answers that he already told her that, meaning he has a sweetheart.

On the next day, Mikako is puzzled over what Tsutomu has told her. She goes shopping and on her way she meets Yuusuke, who looks for Tsutomu. She scowlingly tells him not to harass Tsutomu. Turns out Yuusuke wants only to make up for the previous day. Looking at him being all chagrined Mikako realizes Yuusuke acts a lot like her, so she can't really hate him. She forgives him and tells him that Tsutomu is probably at home. Tsutomu shows up nearby and strolls to them, he was searching for materials (which is mostly garbage) for his next art project. He says he forgave Yuusuke. Yuusuke pretends that he doesn't care, though he obviously does. Mikako, feeling reassured that Tsutomu and Yuusuke don't seriously hate each other, leaves them be and continues her shopping. The only thing that worries her now is who is that Tsutomu's sweetheart.

Yuusuke also is deep in thought about Mariko is still not over Shuji.

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While at Mariko's place, they watch on TV popular back then anime Slam Dunk (first run: October 16, 1993 – March 23, 1996).

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