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Chapter information
Volume 6
Chapter 25
Release date
Preceded by "The School Festival"
Followed by "Studying Abroad in London"

"Happiness" is the twenty fifth chapter and the first in volume six of Gokinjo Monogatari.


Yuusuke enters gallery a short while after Mariko has left. While he laughs at Ayumi being chosen as receptionist, she is worried about his coughing. Ayumi asks him if something happened between him and Mariko. As soon as he heard that Mariko went to watch fashion show, Yuusuke dashes there.  He gets in just right to see Risa's team wild musical performance. Shintaro notices first and approaches him. He argues with Yuusuke about Mariko's decision to drop out of school without telling anyone except him and Yuusuke.

At that moment, performance of Mikako's group starts.

While watching it, Yuusuke explains Shintaro that people who attend their school are all like this: they have a dream, a precise aim, and it looks almost as if for them it's expected. But, actually, at their age, determined people like those are rare. "Can you understand the feelings of losing sight of yourself and being left behind? Can you understand the despair of those, who would try anything to avoid being put aside?" - Yuusuke asks.

Jiro takes notice that P-chan has Puchi on stage with her too. Tsutomu smiles to that.

Yusuke finishes his explanation by telling Shintaro that his sister decided to leave school to find her own way. After that, he finally sees Mariko in the crowd. She excitedly looks at Mikako's joyful dress. Tsutomu and others also spellbound by it.

Yuusuke sees off Mariko from school. She is happy that she came because it was really fun. But when he offers her a ride, she declines it, because Shu waits her at the station.

Second year students' fashion show is over. Girls excitedly chirp, not forgetting to tease Mikako for having a boyfriend. Mikako starts to plan what she is going to do now.

Ms. Hamada satisfiedly looks on the blackboard with results of voting. The clear winner is Mikako Kouda.

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