Hiroyuki Tokumori
Hiroyuki Tokumori
Character information
Name in Japanese 徳森浩行
Romaji translation Tokumori Hiroyuki
Gender Male
Age 9
Hair color Black
Eye color
Occupations Elementary school student
Family Michiyo Niihara (mother)

Hiroaki Tokumori (father)

Hiroyuki Tokumori is son of Hiroaki Tokumori and Michiyo Niihara. He is close friend of Miwako Sakurada and Arashi Nagase. He is the same age as them, and lives close to Miwako. They all walk together to and from school.

In the story of last, Extra chapter of Gokinjo Monogatari he is third-grader, around 9 years old.

Personality and traits Edit

Hiroyuki is a clever boy, quick-witted, serious and neat, likes to study even in his free time. Has a weird habit to iron his clothes in the morning before school. Miwako values him, but thinks that he's quite boring.

Physical appearances Edit

Hiroyuki has black hair and neat haircut. He wears preppy style clothes.

Behind the scenes Edit

He in teenage years is one of the characters in Paradise Kiss.
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Appearances Edit

Gokinjo Monogatari

Paradise Kiss

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