Jiro Nishino
Character information
Name in Japanese
Romaji translation
Nicknames Rooster
Gender male
Age 16 to 18
Hair color purple
Eye color unknown
Occupations Highschool student
Education Yazawa School for the Arts
Affiliations Akindo
Jiro Nishino is one of students at Yazawa School for the Arts, classmate and friend of Tsutomu Yamaguchi.

He is into making and designing computer games. For Flea market he mades funny game "Noriji Strikes Back", wich becomes very popular among the kids.

Biography Edit

Jiro moved to Tokyo from Osaka. He lives by himself and work part-time.

In the future he is shown to be very successfull designer, partly works at computer-formulated designing company and earns annually around 500 million yen (slightly less than 5 million USD), but still is "rooster", who behaves as a poor man.

Physical appearance Edit

Jiro has stylish purple hair that makes him look like a rooster.

He never tooks off his sunglasses.

Behind the scenes Edit

In corner talk of chapter 23, page 115, Yazawa Ai mentions his name is wordplay of "Jiro/Ziro".
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Appearance Edit

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