Character information
Name in Japanese
Romaji translation
Gender Male
Fur color Black
Eye color
Residence Koudas' apartment
Owners Ruriko Kouda

Mikako Kouda

Kuro is a cat of Mikako Kouda. He lives in her mother's apartment.

Biography Edit

Mikako found Kuro at the playground, when she run away from Blue Parrot, because she was confused and mad at Tsutomu. In Mikako's apartment building pets are not allowed, but Ruriko made so touching scene, that Noriji was forced to allowe them to keep the kitten.

At the beginning Mikako and Tsutomu argued about how to call the kitten, Tsutomu wanted to call it "Arisa", but Mikako replies that if he would call tha kitten "Arisa", She would call him "Issei" (maybe referring on popular in the 90s actors pairing Arisa Mizuki and Ishida Issei). She already decided on "Kuro". Eventually Tsutomu agreed with her.

In the future, when Mikako already adult, Kuro's descendants still live in her house.

Behind the scenes Edit

Descendants of Kuro also appear in Paradise Kiss.
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Appearances Edit

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