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Lessons in Love at the Flea Market
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General information
Episode 20
Airdate February 4, 1996
Preceded by Revealed! Risa's Boyfriend!
Followed by If I'm Honest...

"Lessons in Love at the Flea Market" is the twentieth episode in Gokinjo Monogatari.


After hearing from Yuusuke that she is Tsutomu's sweetheart, Mikako realizes that this makes perfect sense. However, she feels confused and embarrassed about it. Mikako doesn't know how to face Tsutomu now, so she behaves so awkwardly overly agitated and bashful around Tsutomu that it looks hostile. Tsutomu doesn't know that she knows, so he interprets her behaviour as being mad at him. On the market, Mikako sees cute hairbands shaped like the heads of a black cat and wants to buy them, but at that moment Tsutomu approaches her to call her to go to eat with others and she runs away from him, leaving the hairbands.

Akindo members take a bite at some restaurant nearby. During the meal, they discuss what interesting things they saw on the flea market and share ideas. Shintaro tells them that he decided to make haniwa family and sell them as one set. Mikako likes this idea and suggests calling the set "Hamily" from Haniwa+family. After the meal, Yuusuke flatters Tsutomu into making a huge display to make their group distinguishable at the flea market.

Mikako leads the group to meet the woman she has found earlier, the one she calls Master (師匠 ― Shishō ― master, instructor in jap.). Everyone is impressed by Master. They ask her to allow them to help her to sell her things so they all could learn from her. She allows them and they spend the rest of the day helping her. However, Master notices that something is going on between Mikako and Tsutomu, so she gives Mikako a task to buy drinks and snacks for everyone and asks Tsutomu to help Mikako. Mikako reacts so harshly to Tsutomu's attempt to help her, that he decides to go by himself. Masters tells Mikako that if she would be so hostile with her boyfriend squander monster will eat her. Mikako learns that Master also has been behaving mule-headed and hostile with her good friend, who was one of the few people who understood her dream. She took him as her rival and eventually regretfully lost him. Master tells Mikako to face up her own feelings, so she wouldn't lose someone dear to her.

Inspired by Master, Mikako decides to apologize to Tsutomu and dashes towards him. When she sees him again she doesn't know how to start. Tsutomu kindly asks her to hold out her hand for a second. She does it and he puts a pair of cute cat-shaped hairbands in her hand, the ones she liked a lot and wanted to buy earlier because they look like her cat Kuro. Tsutomu thought the same when he saw them, so he bought them for her. Mikako thanks him for the present and he happily laughs at that. His gentle laugh makes her all teary-eyed, so she walks behind him to hide it. They walk back to the Master and others.

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