Mikako Kouda
Character information
Name in Japanese 幸田実果子
Romaji translation Kōda Mikako
Nicknames Mera mera girl (always fired up and ambitous girl)
Gender Female
Age 16 to 18
Hair color Blonde (dyed)
Brown (natural)
Eye color Brown
Occupations Future designer of Happy Berry,
High school student
Family Ruriko Kouda (mother)
Hirohiko Sakurada (father)
Miwako Sakurada (younger sister)
Relationships Tsutomu Yamaguchi
Education Yazawa School for the Arts
Affiliations Akindo

Mikako Kouda (幸田実果子 Kōda Mikako) is a student at Yazawa School for the Arts.

According to the timeline of the manga chapters, Mikako started as a 16 years old in Chapter 1 "The Yamaguchi Family's Tsutomu-kun" of Volume 1, turning 17 years old in Chapter 13 "The Same Birthday" of Volume 3, 13-15 years old in flashback special chapter "Colorful", 18 old in Chapter 32 "Tale from a Distance" of Volume 7, already 27 years old in 33 "Extra chapter" of Volume 7.


Early lifeEdit


Mikako with Tsutomu at around age 6.

Mikako was born to Ruriko Kouda, and Hirohiko Sakurada. She grew up with Tsutomu Yamaguchi in the same apartment building. They stayed friends throughout elementary and middle school.

Once when Tsutomu went to stay the summer in Nagano, her mother teased her that he was never coming back. To cheer up, Mikako pierced her own ears and had to go to the hospital.[1]

Her parents divorced when, she was six-years-old, which was greatly upsetting to Mikako. She ran away in a attempt to get away from her problems, Tsutomu Yamaguchi was the only one, who could talk her into coming back.[2] Mikako received her third piercing shortly after.[1]

Junior high schoolEdit


High schoolEdit

Tsutomu, and Mikako enrolled in at the same high school, Yazawa School for the Arts. Their friendship became strained as they started to head in different paths. Mikako befriended two girls from her school, Risa Kanzaki, and P-chan.



Physical appearancesEdit

Mikako is short and skinny. She wears a lot of her own handmade, cute and colorful clothes. Her natural hair is brown and she has brown eyes. She dyes her hair blonde at 16, to cheer herself up when Tsutomu temporary leaves town to get his driver. At 17, when she struggles between desires to stay with Tsutomu and to go studying abroad, she dyes hair pink and gets short haircut.

Personality and traitsEdit

She is strong willed and stubborn, never says "sorry", but also kind and very faithful.

Anime portrayalEdit

Mikako Kouda is voiced by Rumi Shishido in the anime.

Behind the scenesEdit

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  • Mikako made her debut in the first chapter as the heroine of the manga series, Gokinjo Monogatari.
  • Mikako is a minor character in Gokinjo's sequel, Paradise Kiss. She was first mentioned in chapter 2, and finally reappears in chapter 13.




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