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P-chan Panic
Gokinjo Monogatari Episode 14.png
General information
Episode 14
Airdate December 17, 1995
Preceded by Motorbike Misunderstanding
Followed by A Present for Santa

"P-chan Panic" is the fourteenth episode in Gokinjo Monogatari.


After classes P-chan realizes that she lost her plush doll named Petite Francoise. Mikako asks the rest of the Akindo members help to search for her. At first, they react without any enthusiasm about it because so far as most of them know it's just some doll. Risa explains that Petite Francoise is very precious for P-chan because it's a memento of her deceased grandmother. After hearing this they decided to help and search everywhere where they can think. Though Jiro and Risa soon have to go to their part-time jobs and Mariko gets tired. Only Mikako and Tsutomu keep searching with P-chan for the doll until a very late hour. All their efforts turn out to be futile. P-chan tells them that this doll is actually the second doll, not the first one that was made by her grandma. Her grandmother died a year after she made that doll for her and P-chan decided to enshrine the doll, but quickly became lonely and made a second one. Still, the doll was her very first friend. P-chan says she was a very shy kid and had trouble talking to other kids, so in elementary school she had no other friends except her plush dolls. In middle school she became part of the puppeteers club, success in puppeteering made her more confident and she has made a lot of friends since then.

On the next day, Mikako calls on the phone P-chan to check up on her. P-chan seems to be in anguish. Mikako tries to call Tsutomu, but he is still asleep because it's Sunday morning. Mikako runs to her neighbour's flat and wakes up Tsutomu then runs away to meet with P-chan. They both search for Petite Francoise again, but again to no avail. Eventually, Tsutomu comes to the bistro where Mikako and P-chan came to grab a bite and tells them that he has found Petite Francoise. He leads them to the playground nearby crosswalk that P-chan walks every day. They see there a little girl, who plays by herself, and among her things sits Petite Francoise. P-chan comes to talk to the girl about the doll. The girl is very shy and answers only when P-chan asks questions through a play with Petite Francoise. The girl's name is Yukari and she found the doll on the previous day, befriended her, and named her Lilly. Seeing how much Yukari liked Petite Francoise P-chan decided to let Yukari have the doll and make a new one for herself.

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Yukari, the little girl who found Petite Francoise, looks quite similar to the Yukari Hayasaka, the main character of Paradise Kiss. The same name and the same hairstyle, but she is too old to be the same person (Yukari Hayasaka is about the same age as Miwako, who hasn't born yet in this time.).

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