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Petite Francoise
Character information
Name in Japanese
Romaji translation
Gender Female
Fur color White
Eye color
Owners Mai Oota

Petite Francoise is a little stuffed toy rabbit. She is very precios doll and a friend to P-chan. It also known as Pucci Francoise, from japanese pronunciation of the foreign name in the anime.

P-chan also sells "Petite Francoise's sisters" on the Flea market as a member of Akindo.

Background story[]

Petite Francoise was a manga character P-chan loved back in elementary school. P-chan tried to make a stuffed animal version of her, but since it was her first one, it turned out bad. Her grandma remade it for her. From then on, Petite Francoise became P-chan's very best friend. Pi-chan's grandma died just a year after she made that toy. So Petite Francoise became a memento of her deceased grandma. P-chan wanted to enshrine Petite Francoise her grandma made, but she quickly became lonely without her. So she mad new Petite Francoise all by herself, remembering what her grandma taught her. From then on P-chan grew up to love making dolls. She signed up for the puppeteer club in junior high, wich helped her to make new friends, and made a lot of stuffed toys since then. [1]

Behind the scenes[]


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