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Revealed! Risa's Boyfriend!
Gokinjo Monogatari Episode 19.png
General information
Episode 19
Airdate January 28, 1996
Preceded by Friendship? Or Romance?
Followed by Lessons in Love at the Flea Market

"Revealed! Risa's Boyfriend!" is the nineteenth episode in Gokinjo Monogatari.


Mikako still wonders who is Tsutomu's sweetheart. Noriji again makes a joke about Mikako and Tsutomu being dating when he sees them going somewhere together.

It's weekend, so Akindo members have plans to do some scooting at the flea market. Mikako and Tsutomu decided to drop by at Risa's place on their way to the flea market. Mikako has never been at Risa's place because Risa always busy with part-time jobs, but Risa has told her where it is. While they are walking to Risa's flat, Mikako and Tsutomu admiringly discuss how cool Risa is. As far as they know, she has moved from Hokkaido to Tokyo and is living on her own to become a designer. When they walk closer to her flat, they accidentally see Risa giving a kiss to a red-haired guy on her doorstep. Turns out it's her boyfriend Takeshi, with whom she lives together. He is 3 years older than her and is in a music band. They have been dating since Risa was 14. He always wanted to move to Tokyo after graduation, so he did. Risa followed him. She went to study at Yazagaku because she wants to become a designer, of course, but she wouldn't dare to try that without Takeshi's support. Risa has never told anyone about him because she was afraid they all would look down on her for being a weak, dependent person. She said that he is her world and she wouldn't be able to do anything without him. She sheepishly calls herself a helpless case. Risa's revelation and her words about her relationship bewilder Mikako.

At the flea market, they all split into smaller groups. Mikako goes with Risa and P-chan, Tsutomu with Jiro, Yuusuke wants to get coffee with Mariko but Shintaro keeps begging him to go with him. Mikako is very frustrated about Risa keeping secrets from her. She snaps at P-chan, who asks her if she has met Risa's boyfriend. P-chan runs away, which splits up their group. Later Risa explains to Mikako that P-chan also hadn't know until she had bumped into them very recently. P-chan thought that Mikako already knew about him because she is way closer to Risa than her.

Wandering by herself, Mikako meets a woman who sells hand-made accessories. The conversation they have helps Mikako to process the situation with Risa. The woman is older and more experienced at making and selling handmade. She gives Mikako a lot of useful advises, so Mikako calls the woman Master. Mikako buys from her some accessories and a pretty hand-made hat that the woman was wearing herself. Mikako gives that hat as a conciliatory present to P-chan. She also makes up with Risa.

Jiro finds at flea market a game for children called Sudosaur Quest. He really wants to buy it which baffles Tsutomu.

Eventually, Mikako sees Yuusuke, who spent the morning being torn between Mariko and Shintaro. She asks him who is Tsutomu's sweetheart. After Risa's story, this question bothers her even more than before, she needs to know who is the most important person for Tsutomu. She astounds Yuusuke with such an unexpected question. After a long pause, he finally exclaims "Obviously it's you!". Now is her turn to be completely astounded and bemused. Overwhelmed and embarrassed she runs away.

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The game Sudosaur Quest that Jiro finds is a reference to another Yazawa Ai's manga Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai. Sudosaur was a mascot created after one of the main characters Akira Sudou.

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