Risa Kanzaki
Character information
Name in Japanese 神崎リサ
Romaji translation Kanzaki Risa
Gender Female
Age 17
Hair color Red
Eye color Brown
Occupations Highschool student
Relationships Takeshi Nagase (boyfriend)
Education Yazawa School for the Arts
Affiliations Akindo

Risa Kanzaki (神崎リサ Kanzaki Risa) is the best friend of Mikako Kouda and former student at Yazagaku. She is from Hokkaido and dreams of designing children's clothes. Mangaka mentioned, that her name came from japanese spelling play from name "Lisa".


She is runaway from Hokkaido. She likes to sew kid's clothes and punk style. She came to Tokyo and enrolled in Yazawa School for the Arts to study fashion design.

Physical appearanceEdit

Risa has a mulet style red hair that goes beyond her shoulders and has brown eyes. She is into punk-rock style and wears dark lipstick.

Personality and traitsEdit


Risa's boyfriend is Takeshi Nagase. They both from Hokkaido, they came to Tokyo as couple of runaways and live together in apartment. She apparently started dating him when she was 14. Takeshi older than her by 3 years and he is part of a band. Mikako and others didn't know about Takeshi existence, until Mikako and P-chan decided to drop in Risa's apartment and accidentally saw Takeshi kissing Risa on his way out. She confessed to Mikako that he is the reason, she can hold on to her dreams. She was reluctant to tell Mikako that she has a boyfriend, she relies on, because she was afraid that Mika would think less of her. Takeshi, just as Risa, has dyed in red hair and wears punk-rock style clothes. They both work part-time.

On the last year of high school (around 18 years old) she gets pregnant from him with Arashi.

Behind the scenesEdit

Her future son, Arashi, is character in another manga Paradise kiss, he is very close with younger sister of Mikako since they are the same age.
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