Seiji Kisaragi
Character information
Name in Japanese
Romaji translation
Nicknames Sparkling foreigner
Gender Male
Age 19
Hair color Blond
Eye color Brown
Occupations Student at Hair styling trade school
Ruriko Kouda's Manga assistant
Education Former student of Yazagaku
Seiji Kisaragi is a "sparkling foreigner" who applies for the job of a manga assistant (but more like a butler) for Mikako's mother, because he needed saving up money to study abroad. He is also student at a trade school with major in hair styling.

Biography Edit

When Seiji was 4 years old, his parents died in a car crash. After that, his grandmother raised him, but she also died three years later. So, he is orphan and he was feeling quite lonely. Since when he become Ruriko Kouda's assistant, Ruriko and Mikako became like a family for him [1].

He studied at Yazagaku for fashion design. Seiji received the 1st place individual award in the school's fashion show when he was studying there [2], but after graduation he realized he doesn't want to be fashion designer, but has passion for hair styling. Professor Hamada said, he was one of the most promising student, just like Mikako Kouda, and it was big disappointment for her when he decided that he doesn't want to be fashion designer. But he has strong will to succeed, he's able change his way, despite already being good in something else, which makes him very inspiring to others.

Seiji is also gay as he told Tsutomu Yamaguchi that "I don't really care about girls". But when he went to study abroad with Mikako, it is hinted that it was a lie [3] (Seiji isn't really gay).

He becomes a close friend of Mikako's (like a big brother) and he also appears in Paradise Kiss.

He is also the first love interest of Miwako Sakurada [4].

Personality and traits Edit

Seiji is a kind and reliable person who loves cats and likes to cook and draw. He's also very persistent and ambitious.

Behind the scenes Edit

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Appearances Edit

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Paradise Kiss

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References Edit

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