So Called Life
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Volume 5
Chapter 23
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Preceded by "The Fired Up Afternoon Girl"
Followed by "The School Festival"
"So Called Life" is the twenty third chapter and the fourth in volume five of Gokinjo Monogatari.

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At school, Mikako apologizes to her group members. In order for her to not feel bad, they request her help to make for each one of them cute piece of cloth, just like Happy Berry skirt she wears. While discussing designs of those, Shimamoto confesses that they feel lucky to have Mikako in their group, because she is most energetic and talented student in their class. Also Risa sends her cheerful pager-message. It helps Mikako to first time realize she hasn't problems to fit in, and she doesn't hate school and people anymore, as it was in Junior high. She speaks about it with Seiji at home, and he pointed that she was able to come through all the obstacles to meet her goal because Tsutomu was supporting her from behind.

Next day, she sees Tsutomu at school and runs to apologize for what she said before. He says he's not mad at her, but he seems frustrated.

Jiro and Ayumi only ones now, who uses Akindo's studio. Ayumi steps out to buy art supplies and bumps into Yuusuke. She suggest to get some tea together, but he replys that Mariko is waiting for him.

When Yuusuke comes to the cafe, Mariko was waiting him there for long time. She tells him she decided to quit the school and going back to Yokohama, to think about what she really want to do in life. So, she breakes up with him.

At the Blue Parrot, Tsutomu asks Hiroaki if he can get a job there. He can't find meaning of his life and is afraid he would drag down Mikako, if he would stay like this.  

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