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Stormy Night: Part 1
Chapter information
Volume 4
Chapter 19
Release date
Preceded by "Summer Vacation"
Followed by "Stormy Night: Part 2"

"Stormy Night: Part 1" is is the nineteenth chapter and the fourth in volume four of Gokinjo Monogatari.


In this chapter Mariko gets to know that Shuuji broke up with his senpai Yuka Matsuyama a month ago. Mariko and Shuji finally confess their feeling to each other, but don't start dating because Mariko is already seeing someone (Yuusuke). By the time she came back Yuusuke already started searching for her. When she came back and tried run away from him in tears, he figured out that she went to Shuuji. Yuusuke understands that she still has feelings for Shuuji and breaks up with her. After that he storms outside and only Ayumi runs after him. Outside the house storm is coming.

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