Stormy Night: Part 2
Chapter information
Volume 4
Chapter 20
Release date
Preceded by "Stormy Night: Part 1"
Followed by "Colorful"
"Stormy Night: Part 2" is the twentieth chapter and the fifth in volume four of Gokinjo Monogatari.

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This chapter started from Ayumi is following Yuusuke, preventing him from thoughtlessly get lost in mountains. In the house Mariko fall asleep after crying and everyone going to sleep too. Mikako and Tsutomu decide to eat something before go to bed. Ayumi and Yuusuke are got caught in thunder and lightning storm, couldn't find way back and decided to stay in some cave till morning. During this, they become a bit closer to each other, Yuusuke realizes that he's much more at ease with Ayumi than with Mariko. Meanwhile, Tsutomu tried to remind Mikako that he's a man, but didn't get any success, Mikako runs away to sleep with Risa like a little kid. As morning comes, P-chan wakes up and finds a note that Mariko left to Tokyo first. Ayumi and Yuusuke finally crawled back to house. They unexpectedly happy and obviously closer to each other. But when Yuusuke heard about Mariko, he packed his bag and left too. Everybody understand what going on but don't say anything. Tsutomu still mad at Mikako. Risa explains Mikako that last night she behaved as if she doesn't love him, and if she's not ready yet, she should just tell him so he will understand. Back in Tokyo, Yuusuke and Mariko making up.

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