Studying Abroad in London
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Chapter information
Volume 6
Chapter 26
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Preceded by "Happiness"
Followed by "Being Adult"
"Studying Abroad in London" is the twenty sixth chapter and the second in volume six of Gokinjo Monogatari.

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In that very moment when Mikako was in the bathroom, she was announced the winner of 1st place individual award in the fashion show. No one from their class won the group championship. However, Risa's group got only 4 votes short of the winning group, thus they got 2nd place. Also Risa got 4th place individual award and "The headmaster's special selection" award. Ms.Hamada, after praising their class, asked Mikako and Risa to stop by headmaster's room before going home. It was a bit worrisome to Risa, who thought principal will ask her about unpaid for two month tuition. Despite her worries, principal Yazawa offered them studying abroad in London as a prize for being hardworking. Risa right away refuses to go, because she doesn't want to part from her boyfriend.

Mikako full of mixed feelings meets Noriji on her way home, who was waiting for her on the street. He brings her to the Blue Parrot, where adults threw a congratulation party for Mikako. She is touched to tears. Only Tsutomu didn't show up.

Meanwhile, Ayumi taking Masshu for a walk, sees a moped beside storage room and rushes there thinking it Yuusuke there. Only to find Tsutomu, who was making cute earrings with Happy Berry logo as a congratulatory gift for Mikako.

Seiji, while walks home Mikako, reminds her that he is going to study abroad next spring. Mikako is shocked that he already knows about her grant, since she didn't tell anyone yet. He jokingly tells her he's alien and has supernatural powers. Near appartment they see Sally and figure out that Tsutomu is already at home. Mikako needs to talk with him about her grant, so she goes to see him. 

Tsutomu's room has completely changed since last time she saw it. Now all in minimalistic style, very spacious, with blue ceiling and walls, and planetarium projector lamp. He says it suits his new mood. Mikako tries on his earrings and he asks her to get closer, so he can see them. When she crawls to him he embraces and kisses her. She is so happy to be with him, that she thinks she will not go study abroad.  

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