Takeshi Nagase
Takeshi 2-8
Character information
Name in Japanese
Romaji translation
Gender Male
Age 19 to 21
Hair color red
Eye color
Occupations band's guitarist,

part-time worker

Family Risa Kanzaki (wife in the future), Arashi Nagase

(son in the future)

Relationships Risa Kanzaki
Education High school
Takeshi Nagase is suporting character of Gokinjo Monogatari. When first time he's seen in the manga, he is 19 years old, he's 3 years older than Risa Kanzaki.


Takeshi already graduated from High school. After his graduation he decided to move from Hokkaido to Tokyo. Risa moved with him.[1]

He is guitarist in the band and works very hard to make his dreams come true. He lives together with Risa. He said once Tsutomu, that he is very happy that Risa has such good friends, because he's always very busy and can't spend a lot of time with her, so she probably often feels very lonely.[2]

As story goes on, his band becomes pretty popular in the future, and makes a lot of money, but only Risa gets hold of all of them.

Apparently, Arashi was born when Takeshi was 21, and for the time of "Extra chapter" Takeshi is around 30 years old.

Physical appearance Edit

Takeshi is tall, has red colored hair and wears punk style clothes. He also can be seen in ordinary t-shirt and jeans but with punk accessories and boots. He usually wears a lot of piercing, including sometimes a pin in his eyebrow.


Takeshi Nagase is boyfriend of Risa Kanzaki and father of her son, Arashi.

Behind the scenes Edit

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