The Fired Up Afternoon Girl
Chapter information
Volume 5
Chapter 22
Release date
Preceded by "The Sparkling Foreigner"
Followed by "So Called Life"
"The Fired Up Afternoon Girl" is the twenty second chapter and the third in volume five of Gokinjo Monogatari.

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Mikako overslept and running late for meeting with her assignment group and can't afford enough time for a hairdo. Seiji saves her with his skills. Mikako realizes that he's now like a big brother to her, on whom she can completely rely.

For contest Mikako is in group with Nobuko Takada (Non-chan), Shimamoto, Kobayashi Harumi (Haru) and P-chan. Seiji cooks breakfast for Ruriko and leaves the original draft with Noriji. On his way out he meets Tsutomu, who feels very uneasy because he lost his sleep, all worried about Seiji being alone with Mikako and her mother all the time. Eventually, Tsutomu warns Seiji to not dare hurt Mikako and Ruriko and leaves first. Seiji smiles on that, he understand Tsutomu is worried because he deeply cares. 

In school, Mariko and Yuusuke show up after first period, making plans to skip 5th period. On Jiro's remark about this, Yuusuke rudely replies that it's already amazing that he even came to class and tosses porn magazine to Tsutomu. In class he sits right next to Ayumi. Noticed her angrily expression, he passes her note. She write in her answer that, she likes him since she first saw his painting, and she's very frustrated that he seems gave up on his art and just having fun with Mariko. It gives him a thought to ponder.

In cafeteria, girls discuss their group projects. Mikako excited to be Risa's opponent.

Later, Mikako meets with Tsutomu and tells him that her project theme is wedding dresses. They also consider from now on to go to school separatly, which means Tsutomu can use a bike. But it doesn't make him happy at all. He miss Mikako and forces her to stay and make out instead of go to classes. Accidentally, Tsutomu messed her hairdo and Mikako snapped at him, pointing out that unlike Seiji, he has no goal and doesn't care about how he's going to live, which makes him "tedious".

In front of school, Mariko reads Yuusuke's note that he's not going with her. 

Mikako showed up late to class without excuse and Ms. Hamada assigns her group to hand in 100 clothing designs next morning as a punishment. 

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