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The Lover of My Sinful Mama!
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General information
Episode 9
Airdate November 12, 1995
Preceded by "Flea Market!"
Followed by "Love Expectation Relay"

"The Lover of My Sinful Mama!" is the ninth episode in Gokinjo Monogatari.

Plot []

Ruriko attends an autograph signing session in Osaka, then on her way back, she accidentally bumps into Hiroaki Tokumori, who was attending a friend's wedding. She invites him for tea. Noriji sees them together and interprets them as lovers. He tells Tsutomu about his suspicions about their relationship. Tsutomu doesn't believe him at first, but later on, he sees them at the Blue Parrot standing very close together. He misunderstands Ruriko's and Tokumori's pose as kissing one, so he changes his mind and tells about the suspicions Mikako. Mikako is very confused about all that since Tokumori always was like an older brother to her. When she was in kindergarten, Tokumori still was in Junior High School. Sometimes, when her mother was too busy with her deadline, he would pick up Mikako from kindergarten.

Eventually, Tokumori gets an opportunity to talk to Mikako and explain her what actually happened that day, so she doesn't have to worry. He has to admit though, that Ruriko is his ideal of woman. He is impressed by her ability to keep up with a single mother's duties despite her very demanding work. His words made Mikako feel happy and proud of her mother, despite all her mom's imperfections.

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