The School Festival
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Volume 5
Chapter 24
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Preceded by "So Called Life"
Followed by "Happiness"
"The School Festival" is the twenty fourth chapter and the fifth in volume five of Gokinjo Monogatari.

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Tsutomu is in the Photography Team. Mikako's father came to Festival early in the morning, which made Mikako very happy. But Ruriko decided to come with Seiji instead of him.

In the gallery of 2nd year students of visual design, Ayumi, as receptionist,  walks around, eavesdropping on what people say about works: Yuusuke made another amazing oil painting, Jiro new computer game about bear (P-chan's Pooh), who's trying to find honey, Ayumi made ornately sculpture... In the end she sees Hirohiko, who is looking at Tsutomu's photography display with interest.

Mikako and Tsutomu finally met each other too, after not hanging out together for a while (because Tsutomu was avoiding her). Tsutomu tells her, that he had decided what to display when there was less than a hour left before it. She agreed that it was careless decision, but despite it she likes his photos. Group of first year student approach them to check some details with Mikako for the show preparation. Tsutomu gets to know, that first year supposed to help second year and second years supposed to help third year. Also, on third year, students who are presenting in the show are the ones, chosen with the best sketches. Mikako suggests Tsutomu to talk with her father about photography, if he takes it serious. But he seems is irritated by this. Far from behind, Hiroaki sees them making out. His attention shifts to Ruriko and Noriji, who also came to see fashion show.

Seiji went to buy fried fish, where Ms. Hamada spots him. He tells her that he is going to study in London next spring. Ms. Hamada recollects how talented he was, and compares Mikako with him. Ms. Hamada wants to challenge her more to bring out her full potential, because she believes Mikako can be radiantly brilliant. So she asks Seiji to take Mikako with him, which would persuade her overprotective mother to let her go.

Jiro is also in photography team. He asks Tsutomu if he saw Yuusuke. Tsutomu replied, that it seems he brought his painting and left.

In the gallery Ayumi sees Mariko, who's looking at Yuusuke's painting. Mariko asks her to tell Yuusuke that she is very touched by his painting, and to take care of him for her. Ayumi realizes that those guys are breaking up.

Everyone's gathered in the auditorium, Fashion show is about to begin.

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