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The Sparkling Foreigner
Chapter information
Volume 5
Chapter 21
Release date
Preceded by "Stormy Night: Part 2"
Followed by "The Fired Up Afternoon Girl"

The Sparkling Foreigner is the twenty first chapter and the second in volume five of Gokinjo Monogatari.

This chapter introduces new character Kisaragi Seiji, who becomes manga assistant of Ruriko Kouda and friend of Mikako.


In the last day of summer the group finally finished remaking Ayumi's storehouse into studio for all Akindo's activities and celebrate it.

When they back to school, Ms. Hamada in fashion design class announces that from November 2nd to 4th Yazagaku is going to hold the festival. For the first year students had only to display their own designs, on second year they also supposed to participate in fashion show as of group of 5-6 students. Which means they will need to do personal and group assignment. The contest will be judged by the audience. Later Ayumi tells them, that students of visual arts class will have only personal display.

When Mikako and Tsutomu get home they first learn that Ruriko is searching for assistant. But than beautiful guy, who Mikako perceives at first as sparkling foreigner opens the door of her apartment. Moment later Ruriko shows up and introduces him as her new assistant, Kisaragi Seiji. Mikako and Tsutomu quite shocked and refuse to accept it. Later that day, Mikako learns that Seiji is awesome cook, going to hair styling school and want to save up money to go overseas to learn about hair styling. He likes drawing, cooking and cats, so he thought that assistant work is suit him well. Also he is her senior from Yazagaku. Mikako is starting to like him, but it's worried Tsutomu.

Meanwhile, Mariko and Yuusuke are skipping classes together, but as always just geting into another argument.

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