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Tsutomu's Been Dumped!
Gokinjo Monogatari Episode 12.png
General information
Episode 12
Airdate December 3, 1995
Preceded by For Real? A Double Date?
Followed by Motorbike Misunderstanding

"Tsutomu's Been Dumped!" is the twelfth episode in Gokinjo Monogatari.


Rumours spread around the Yazagaku school that Nice body-ko has dumped Tsutomu.

This time Tsutomu brings party tickets for everyone and they all promise to go there, unlike how it went with the amusement park.

Mikako feels sorry for Tsutomu until they get to talk about it after school. He tells her that he and Mariko broke up because they both have sweethearts, which again confuses Mikako. Yuusuke also learns about "tennis prince" ― Mariko's sweetheart. Still, he tells her that she can talk to him if she will feel depressed again (meaning as at that time they stayed and talked in the amusement park after Tsutomu with Mikako had to flee from the crowd). He looks like he has feelings for her, albeit he doesn't want to admit it.

At the party, Yuusuke is bothered by Mariko's usual behaviour and mostly stays aloof from the rest of Akindo club. He forces himself to look at the other girls, even dance with someone.

Jiro meets at the party his acquaintance from middle school in Osaka. The girl helped him to understand what he wants to do in life. She seems to be important to him. He calls her formally by surname "Ishida", her name is not disclosed.

The rest of them gets a table at the upper tier and grabs some food. Tsutomu tells everyone that he decided to buy a motorbike, so during the winter break, he is going to go to the training facility in Ibaraki to get a motorcycle license. Mikako gets very sad about it, imagining him being still broken-hearted after his breakup with Mariko.

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