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Tsutomu or Akindo?
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General information
Episode 7
Airdate October 22, 1995
Preceded by "Let's Make a Circle!"
Followed by "Flea Market!"

"Tsutomu or Akindo?" is the seventh episode in Gokinjo Monogatari.


Mikako presents her Happy Berry brand name and logo.

Also, Mikako learns that Yuusuke is really good at drawing. Yuusuke draws sketch of Mikako and designs flyers for Akindo.

Everybody are so busy with their projects, that it makes Mikako feel as if they don't care about Akindo. Also, Mikako is so bothered about Tsutomu spending a lot of time with Mariko, that Tokumori asks her what is actually bothers her - jealousy for Tsutomu or lack of activity of Akindo members? She replies that Akindo, but when Tsutomu suggests to use Mariko's apartment as meeting place, she snaps at him and runs away yelling that he doesn't care about Akindo and just wants to fooling around.

But Tsutomu shows her his design of Akindo's mascot Berry-chan, based on Mikako and her brand logo. Mikako realizes that everyone was just busy with their own work, that's why it looked like they were ignoring meetings and her.

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