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Who's Ayumi Oikawa?!
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General information
Episode 22
Airdate February 18, 1996
Preceded by If I'm Honest...
Followed by The Alighting Angel!

"Who's Ayumi Oikawa?!" is the twenty second episode in Gokinjo Monogatari.


Mikako has a weird dream where Tsutomu suddenly confesses his love to her. She can't fall asleep after this and on the next day, she feels more irritated and upset than before. In the morning she walks to school with Tsutomu as usual. Tsutomu tells her he was up all night working on the idea for their flea market display sign. Mikako makes a rude remark and runs to school by herself unable to face Tsutomu directly, due to being bothered by her weird dream.

Yuusuke comes to pick up Mariko and her stuff as she has asked him, only to learn that she is not home. Shintaro tells him that her practice got cancelled and she apparently forgot to tell Yuusuke about it. Shintaro apologizes for his sister and seeing that Yuusuke understands how his sister is, cries on his shoulder.

When they gather as usual at the school's stairwell, Mariko carelessly apologizes to Yuusuke, again from the school's window, not even bothering to come closer. Yusuke just walks away, leaving the rest of the group wondering what has happened between him and Mariko. Tsutomu sees in the crowd his female classmate and brings her to introduce her to the group. His classmate ― a tall and pretty girl named Ayumi Oikawa ― gives an impression of a mature and nice person. Tsutomu tells them that he is going to make their flea market sign in the Ayumi's storehouse. Ayumi's late grandfather was a sculptor and she is well known in their Visual Art class for having good artistic taste. After noticing that Tsutomu is on a first-name basis with Ayumi, Mikako has a sudden panic and jealousy attack and runs away to the school's roof.

After school, Tsutomu comes to the storehouse. At the door, he is greeted with loudly vigorous barking by Masshu ― Ayumi's dog.

Later, Tsutomu while visiting Mikako's place, tells her that Ayumi is also going to help him to make the sign. Mikako's rude outburst on that notion discourages and upsets him. He can't understand why she is acting like that. He tells her to get her act together and leaves. On the next day, during lunch, Yuusuke and Jiro notice that Tsutomu looks beaten and distracted. They understand that he has some problems with the sign, but Jiro is too busy with his own game and Yuusuke says not to worry. After school Yuusuke shows up at the storehouse with some food and declares that he came to help. He makes Masshu bark at him like crazy because he looks like a bad guy.

Mikako, P-chan and Shintaro spend their afterschool time working on their items for the flea market at Mariko's place. Mariko wonders why Yuusuke doesn't show up at her place anymore. Mikako is full of self-doubt, she is worried that she misunderstood something and Tsutomu's sweetheart isn't really her but someone better than her, like Ayumi. She feels relieved when she hears that Yuusuke is helping Tsutomu to make a display because that means he is no longer all alone with Ayumi. At the same time, such a change of her feelings scares her. For a moment Mikako thinks she has some sort of disease to be so worked up over such mundane things.

At night Mikako cries herself to sleep reflecting on her behaviour and worrying that dealing with her might be too tiresome for Tsutomu. Now she is afraid that he doesn't like her and would leave her.

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Ruriko wanders into Mikako's room at night to ask what's for dinner. In hands Ruriko keeps a Sudosaur plush toy ― mascot from previous Yazawa Ai manga I'm Not an Angel.

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