Yazawa School for the Arts (Yazagaku)

Yazawa School for the Arts (Yazagaku)
General information
Location Tokyo
Principal Yazawa Ai
School type High school of arts and design

Yazawa School for the Arts. Also nicknamed Yazagaku for short. It is High school, that has four main courses wich include: fashion design, interior design, visual design, and indastrial art design [1]. This is one of the main places of Gokinjo Monogatari, where characters spend a lot of time, learn their craft and meet new friends

At this school students learn how to be fashion designer, model, graphic designer, interior designer, visual artist etc. Main character of Gokinjo Monogatari, Mikako Kouda studies fashion design here, while her best childhood friend Tsutomu Yamaguchi studies visual arts, alongside with the rest of their friends.

  • Year 1 – Freshman Year, (16 years of age).
  • Year 2 – Sophomore Year, (17 years of age).
  • Year 3 –  Senior Year, (18 years of age).

Curriculum Edit

Throughout the morning, students attend general classes in english, health, science etc., and in the afternoon, they attend courses in their area of study.

Principal Edit


Principal Yazawa-sensei with her cat, and fashion teacher Hamada-sensei.

Yazawa Ai, comic projection of the author, is eccentric principal of this school.

Teachers Edit

This school has one of the best and toughest teachers of fashion design Hamada-sensei.

Festivals Edit

Every year students shows their achievements by participating in art exhibitions and fashion shows on Yazagaku Festival. Competitions are serious here, especially for senior year students. Prize for students, who won first place in fashion show, for example, may be studies abroad, in England.[2]

Behind the scenes Edit

Yazawa Ai gave it her name as to imaginary manga High school that is not exist in reality. Mangaka actually studied fashion design in college and was inspired by this, so she showed a lot of things very close to real life.

Appearances Edit

Gokinjo Monogatari

Other Edit

This school also appeared in Paradise Kiss.

References Edit

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